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About Us

Unlock IQ Institute is committed to helping school-going students to improve their understanding of Mathematics and improve their performance in various competitive exams. We organize different Maths competitions, quizzes, and workshops to create awareness about Mathematics. Aryabhatta Maths Olympiad and Ramanujan Maths Quiz are examples of our endeavors. These initiatives have immensely helped students in understanding the competitive environment and have been greatly appreciated by students, Maths teachers, and schools.

Ramanujan Maths Quiz (RMQ) is organized to celebrate birth anniversary of great Indian Mathematician  Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Students of Classes 1 to 9 can participate in RMQ. The quiz will have 5 tests to be attempted in one week, from 22nd to 28th of  December. These tests are designed to help you understand the student's maths quotient. The student will be given a detailed analysis report of their RMQ week result. Every student scoring at least 80 marks in each of these five tests will get a medal for excellent performance along with a certificate.

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The basic objective of the Aryabhatta Maths Olympiad (AMO) is to assess the conceptual understanding of the students in Mathematics at an early stage.

Students of Classes 1 to 9 can participate in AMO, which has a two-level exam to be attempted at a flexible time. This competition has several prizes like trophies, cash prizes, certificates, and Vedic Maths workshop.

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