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Ramanujan Maths Quiz Structure

  • Levels: There are 11 levels in the Ramanujan Math Quiz (RMQ)., viz RMQ Level-1 to Level-11.

  • Eligibility: Students from Classes 1 to 11 can register for RMQ. Each student must enroll in the level corresponding to their class. For example, a Class 1 student will enroll in Level-1, a Class 2 student in Level-2, and so on.

  • Scoring Criteria: To progress to the next level, a student must score more than 80% in all the tests of their current level.

  • Progression: If a student scores less than 80% in any test of their current level, they must reattempt that level after a period of 6 months. Upon successful completion (scoring at least 80% in all tests), they can proceed to the next level.

  • Medals: Students who score at least 80% in all the tests of a level will be awarded a Medal for Excellent Performance for that level.

  • Registration: Students can register for RMQ through their schools or individually.

  • Test Format: The RMQ will be conducted in online mode. It consists of three tests for Level-1 and five tests for Levels 2 to 11And each level will consist of multiple-choice questions designed to assess the student's understanding of mathematical concepts. Each test will have 25 questions and 45 minutes time duration. For each correct answer, participant will get 2 marks. No negative marking.

  • Test Frequency: Tests for each level will be conducted periodically throughout the academic year to allow students to progress at their own pace.

  • Syllabus: The syllabus for RMQ Levels 1 to 11 can be found here.

  • Feedback: Students will receive a detailed analysis report on their performance after each Level.

  • Recognition: Apart from medals, students who excel in RMQ may receive additional recognition, such as certificates of achievement or invitations to participate in advanced mathematics programs or competitions.

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